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Why become a member

As a foundation trust we have a membership community made up of a public constituency of local people and a staff constituency for all permanent members of staff.


Becoming a public member is free and gives you the opportunity to support the Trust by sharing your views and influencing the way the hospital is run.

Members ensure that the community’s views are considered in the development of the Trust’s strategy.

Public members may be from special interest groups, independent activists who want to share their skills and experience or simply people who, like many of our patients or relatives, just have an interest in supporting their local hospital and finding out what’s going on.

Public members must live in the Trust constituency areas within Berkshire and Southern Oxfordshire. Staff are automatically added to the staff membership unless they choose to formally opt out. As of June 2019 we had approximately 9,113 members.

Members will:

  • receive regular information about our activities, for example, our newsletter 
  • be consulted, for example, on how the provision of services could be improved
  • be invited to member events, for example information seminars and tours of the hospital
  • be able to stand for election to the Council of Governors
  • vote in the election of representatives to the Council of Governors
  • receive discounts on a wide range of goods and services here.

How do I become a member?

Members of the public can apply online here. Becoming a member is FREE. You will receive information from us about events and meetings you can attend, but is entirely up to you whether you wish to attend.

Useful contacts

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