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Spencer speeds up our Emergency Department service

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Spencer was accredited as a paramedic prescriber following months of study. It’s a great personal achievement which will also have a big impact on our busy ED by speeding up patient treatment.


“Working previously as a paramedic, the law is slightly different and I was able to give clot busting drugs to heart attack patients or give morphine to broken bones. However, in the Emergency Department the giving of medicine works differently,” Spencer said.

“I had to stop my assessments to go and find a doctor to prescribe the simplest of medicines such as paracetamol, and this became frustrating for both me and the patient.


“I wanted to be able to offer patients uninterrupted care and quicker access to appropriate medicines to treat their condition, and this new qualification now allows me to do that.’

One of Spencer’s first prescriptions was a combination of strong antibiotics for a patient undergoing chemotherapy who came to the department with an infection.


“This is such an important and early intervention for those with a low immune system and I was pleased that I could give my patient quick access to these medicines,” Spencer said.

Manager Dave Clarke, an ED consultant, is also pleased: “Spencer is a real asset to the department and we’re delighted all his hard work has paid off.


“Being an independent prescriber is important to us as it means patients can receive a ‘one stop’ service from Spencer who now doesn’t have to leave them halfway through their assessment to go and find a doctor to organise a prescription.


“In a busy department like ours, this will ease pressure on the medical team but more importantly, it will speed up the service we offer our patients, thereby improving their outcomes and their experience of the department” said Dave.


And although Spencer has received his paramedic prescriber qualification, it doesn’t mean that he can put his feet up: it forms part of an on-going Masters degree he is due to complete in Advanced Clinical Practice. We wish him the best with the rest of his studies.


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