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Lead Governor update, Tony Lloyd

Tony Lloyd

However because there are certain things that I am obliged to cover in detail and because I can’t actually see the slides as I am talking, I feel obliged to work to a prepared script which can result in a very stilted speech that irritates audiences. However, it was quite reassuring this year that the audience were still giving the distinct impression of paying attention to what I was saying one hour into the proceedings and that there was at least some polite appreciation of the few “amusing” bits that I inserted into the script. Thank you for your tolerance.


With six new governors starting their term of office on 16 July and with four vacancies, it will be a challenge to bring everyone up to speed, exacerbated by the fact that many of the governors are in full time employment. For that reason, I am trying to push the case for much greater remote participation in governors’ meetings using digital technologies. With the development of integrated care systems these technologies must, in my view, be developed quickly within the Trust for integrated care to operate effectively and efficiently.


I have been told by some members that they are reluctant to stand for election as a governor because of a fear of rejection and I can empathise with that. It must be even more difficult for governors applying for a second term of office after 3 years of diligent participation and significant expenditure of time to find that they have not been successful in being re-elected.


I would much appreciate any feedback from members on the reasons why they would not consider applying to be a governor. Please e-mail any comments via caroline.lynch@royalberkshire.nhs.uk


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