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Planning your pregnancy

If you and your partner are thinking of planning a pregnancy, there are some simple steps that you can both take before conception which can help improve the overall health for you and your baby.

To ensure women receive all the key information before planning a pregnancy, the charity Tommy's, in partnership with other national agencies, has launched a free digital tool.

This will help you ensure that you are fit and well when you become pregnant, giving your baby the best start.

Planning for pregnancy tool

For more information please see:

Maternal medicine

If you have any pre-existing health needs such as cardiac, diabetes, epilepsy or renal issues, please see your GP to discuss pregnancy planning.

If you take any medication for mental illness, please speak to your GP or mental health care coordinator and do not stop your medication until you have discussed this with a health professional first.

For general advice you can also see a midwife or contact a family planning service.

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