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Breastfeeding information

We strongly recommend that all women consider Breastfeeding their baby and/or expressing their milk to give to their baby wherever possible. We encourage all women to collect their colostrum towards the end of pregnancy, to enable the baby to get the colostrum during that first vital hour after birth, in case of early feeding challenges. Speak to your community midwife for help with this.

Breastfeeding resources for mothers during Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic

There has never been a more important time to breastfeed or provide breast milk for your baby than now, as the unique properties will help build your baby’s immune system. Some women who hadn’t previously thought about breastfeeding are now doing so and some are expressing their milk for their baby. Other women are deciding to feed for longer than they had originally thought to do so or to resume breastfeeding. Where you have challenges, aim to maximise your supply by expressing where you can, as even partial breast milk giving affords health advantages to your baby.

If you have (or have had) the Covid-19 virus, current information is to keep feeding your baby. Practical information from UNICEF is available.

Why not use this time to stay close to your baby, enjoy extended skin to skin contact and getting to know one another?

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