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Specialist antenatal clinics

We run a number of specialist clinics as part of our antenatal care and you will find more detail below on the following clinics:

  • Birth after caesarean (BAC) clinic
  • Consultant midwives
  • Rainbow Service

These clinics are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons.

The aim of this clinic is to help women make an informed choice about how to give birth to their baby following a previous caesarean birth by giving them the opportunity to revisit her previous delivery and to discuss both the risks and benefits to vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) against elective caesarean birth (ELCS). It is recommended for all women who have had one previous, uncomplicated, caesarean birth and who are deemed a suitable candidate following triage for VBAC at booking. The first appointment is ideally between 22 and 24 weeks (after the anomaly scan) and then followed up at 28 to 32 weeks to find out their choice if they were unsure about their method of delivery at booking. Women are encouraged to access the RCOG leaflet below.

Contact: with questions.

Hello! We are Christine Harding, Louise Perkins and Sam Fleming, and we are the consultant midwives at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

This means we are senior midwives with responsibility for clinical leadership of the midwifery services at the Trust. This can involve developing and improving the services, which we offer and ensuring midwifery practice is up to date and evidence based, to help make sure that every woman and family can be supported to achieve their best birth possible. We have a role in education and training for maternity staff. We also contribute to the direction of maternity care in the UK at both a regional and national level.

We run specialist clinics for women with complex needs or preferences around their birth choices. If your community midwife feels that you would benefit from additional support in planning for your care during pregnancy and birth, she can refer you to see one of us.

The Rainbow service is a specialist service for women and their families who are expecting a baby, having previously experienced a late miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.  We offer specialist care and support to women and their families in pregnancies following the loss of a baby. We understand that pregnancy after the loss of a baby can be a very challenging time for families and parents often describe the need for extra support as they navigate many mixed emotions.

The term 'rainbow pregnancy' is used by many families to describe a pregnancy following a pregnancy loss or neonatal death.

The Rainbow service team aims to provide tailored care to each family throughout pregnancy and as they welcome their new baby into their family. The Rainbow service is based on the known benefits to families receiving continuity of carer and specialist medical oversight within the context of a specialist multi-disciplinary team.

The RBFT Rainbow service team comprises of a lead consultant obstetrician, fetal medicine specialist and rainbow specialist midwife. Working in genuine partnership with families and other health care professionals the Rainbow team offers antenatal care to women who have sadly experienced the loss of a baby after 20 weeks gestation in a previous pregnancy or if their baby has died shortly after birth. We offer this care whether or not the family has since had another baby who is well.

The Rainbow service care pathway includes dedicated appointments with the rainbow specialist midwife (from booking until the birth of your baby), additional specialist ultrasound scans with our fetal medicine specialist and all obstetric care appointments with our consultant obstetrician. Together we ensure that women and their families are accompanied with clinical expertise, understanding and compassion throughout their pregnancy.

If you would like more information about the Rainbow clinic and the care we offer please contact .

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