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X-Ray - Parent Information

The department provides diagnostic and interventional radiology for inpatients, outpatients and GP referrals.

How to get here

The best place to park is in the multi storey car park. Exit the car park on level 2, which is the Main Entrance. Please allow plenty of time to park and walk to the department.

When you get here

When you arrive in Main X-Ray (Radiology), book in at the reception desk on level 1 or 2 - please check your child's appointment letter to see which level you need. The receptionist will tell you where you need to wait.

What do I need to bring?

  • A book, activity, comforter or favourite toy in case of delays.
  • Snacks or drinks, especially if your child has a special diet or has had to prepare for a scan.
  • Any medication your child is taking.
  • Baby feeds, nappies and other essentials.

Staff details

Radiology Services Manager: Julie Cameron
Radiology Co-ordinators: Hilary Dent / Dawn O’Keeffe
Radiology Administrative Services Manager: Jacqueline Mackey
Radiology Sister: Sue Hatch
Matron: Brenda Morton
Clinical Director: Neil Derbyshire

Further information

Preparing for a scan

Please refer to your child's appointment letter to see what preparation your child may need.

  • For example, if your child is having a pelvis/kidney/bladder ultrasound, they will need to have a full bladder so will need to be encouraged to drink plenty
  • Some appointments may require that your child does not eat for four hours beforehand.
  • Your child may need to wear a gown for some scans or x-rays.


The department can be very busy, and if this is the case, appointment times may run late. Please speak to a member of staff who will be able to keep you up to date with any delays.

Sometimes it may seem as though others are being called in before you, but this is likely due to there being multiple clinics running, or due to the nature of other visits.

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