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Cancer Rehabilitation Service

Cancer rehabilitation support

Cancer Rehabilitation supports people to live well with and beyond cancer using a range of tools and opportunities that can enhance your recovery and improve your ability to ‘tackle tomorrow’.

It’s available to anyone who has received cancer care at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and is run by Macmillan Cancer Support and the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Watch our short video to find out more about the support on offer to our patients.

Our service can help support you with:

Physical activity: Being more physically active can help you cope with and recover from the negative effects of cancer and treatment, such as tiredness, being less socially active, lack of stamina and confidence.

Psychological support: Living with and after a cancer diagnosis can be difficult and lead to many emotions such as sadness and depression, loneliness, worry, fear and anxiety, anger and frustration. This is perfectly normal, but if these emotions become overwhelming then professional support can help. Your family or those significant to you may also be able to access this support if it is helpful to them.

Practical issues: Cancer can impact on many practical issues, such as the caring responsibilities you may have, work or education, as well as having a huge impact on finances. Advice from professionals can help support you and minimise this impact.

Self-management and education: Being informed enables you to understand your condition and empowers you to manage it more effectively. We provide educational courses to suit your needs.

Social peer support: Sharing your experience with others who have been through something similar can be really positive and uplifting. We can inform you of support groups and other activities available locally.

To help you look at moving forward, we think it’s important that these services are linked between the hospital and community, so many of the activities take place in leisure or community centres, supported by trained cancer professionals.

We offer:

‘Take Control’ workshops for patients and families. This is a short day self-management course and will include topics such as:

  • Sleep problems
  • Healthy eating and diet
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Stress
  • Fatigue management and pacing
  • Fear about the future
  • Realistic goal setting

We also run an Enhanced Supportive Care Clinic in partnership with the palliative care team where we see patients whose disease is treatable but not curable, providing a one to one meeting to assess and plan additional support and help to manage the physical, emotional, psychological and practical aspects of cancer. Following assessment, onward referrals can be made to physical activity specialists, relationship counsellors, Macmillan befriending and clinical health psychology

If you would like to learn more about our service or make a referral please email or call 07392 861323 and leave a voicemail.

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