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Help with hearing aids

Did you know that many issues with your hearing aids can be resolved quite easily at home?

We have created a range of resources, including instructional videos, designed to help you manage/maintain your hearing aids at home. You can find these further down the page.

However, if you need a clinician to help you with your hearing aids please click the heading below for information on how to contact us:

If you are experiencing problems with your hearing aid and have been unable to identify and resolve the issue yourself, you can speak directly to a clinician using the contact details below:

Telephone: 0118 322 8219

(This phone line is open Monday - Friday; 9am - 4.30pm)


If you are contacting us by email, please ensure that you include the following information in your initial email:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Hospital number
  • A description of the problem

The clinician may need to ask you some questions about the nature of the problem. Most common hearing aid faults can be easily identified from a description of the problem, or by asking you to follow some simple instructions. Identifying the problem is essential in ensuring that we arrange an appropriate replacement part or the correct appointment type.

If we are unable to easily and quickly resolve the problem, you may require a booked repair appointment. Booked appointments are available at a number of locations.

Please do not attend the Audiology Department in person unless this has been agreed with one of our clinicians and you have an appointment, we do not offer a ‘drop-in’ service.

It is important that you look after your hearing aid(s) by performing regular cleaning and maintenance. Failure to carry out these basic tasks can result in reduced sound, feedback (whistling) and can cause a hearing aid to stop working altogether.

When your hearing aids were fitted, you should have received a booklet called ‘Your hearing aid’. If you do not have a copy of this booklet click here to access the PDF version.' If your hearing aid has stopped working, or is functioning less well than before, this booklet will tell you what you can do to easily resolve the problem

Self help videos

We have developed a selection of self-help videos, with the goal of increasing your confidence in managing and maintaining your hearing aids independently.

General help for all hearing aids

This playlist includes:

  • General cleaning and maintenance
  • Battery insertion

Help for hearing aids with moulds attached

This playlist includes:

  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Changing your tubing
  • How to insert your hearing aid(s)

Cleaning and maintenance - open fit hearing aids

This playlist includes:

  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • How to insert your hearing aid(s)

Strike Action

Our Trust will be impacted by Royal College of Nursing strike action on 15 and 20 December. We are working to ensure minimal disruption and will contact patients directly if we have to cancel appointments. 

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