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Remote access to e-Learning.

Library computer

View the Guide to Remote Access to e-Learning under related files on the right hand side.

You need to request access when logged on at work.

The Trust is unable to provide any assistance with accessing e-learning at home beyond the guidance given in these instructions. If you are unable to access the e-learning at home you will need to complete it at work.

There is more information about e-Learning on the Trust intranet and you would be advised to look at this first.

There are two things you must do before doing e-Learning from home. Failure to do these or to act upon the results may mean your e-Learning activity does not record properly.

1 – check that your browser is compatible with e-learning - For a list of compatible browsers

2 – enrol on and play the first part of the course 000 Using e-Learning in ESR / OLM, this runs a connectivity check and checks that you have the correct software.

Please discuss with your manager before undertaking any e-learning at home for which you may wish to claim the time back.

You are responsible for undertaking your own risk assessment of your workstation at home, the Trust cannot be held liable for any health issues arising from undertaking e-learning at home. You are advised to do the 000 Display Screen Equipment Information and Training course before undertaking any other e-learning.

For a list of mandatory and statutory training  see related files on the right hand side.  Please note that all mandatory and statutory training must be done via Learning Certifications - watch this video to find out how.

For other courses that are available click here to see the national catalogue. 


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