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A&E performance

Summary of performance - September 2015


Patient arrives at A&E

 Initial assessmentTreatmentTotal time in A&ENotesReattendance Left without being seen 

* The 95th percentile wait for assessment for patients arriving by ambulance was 0 minutes.


** The median wait from arrival to treatment was 68 minutes.

* 94.62% of patients were admitted and left the department within 4 hours.

The 95th percentile wait was 3hrs 59mins. 

** The 95th percentile from arrival to admission was 6hrs 15 mins.

* The 95th percentile wait for patients from arrival to discharge was 3 hrs 50 mins.


High risk patients seen by an emergency consultant before being discharged from A&E.

Patients with cellulitis and deep vein thrombosis are treated without the need to be admitted overnight.

* 0.4% of attendances this month were unplanned reattendances.

* 2.5% of attendances this month left the department before being seen.

* Successfully meets performance threshold.
** Does not meet threshold.


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