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Our Strategy: Improving Together

At the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, our vision is

‘Working together to provide 
outstanding care for our community’

In 2018 we produced our Vision 2025—a strategy aimed at driving and directing our work for a decade. It has served us well, especially when faced with the rapid and radical challenges presented by the Covid pandemic.

It’s the changes brought about by the pandemic, coupled with the new more integrated and collaborative health care landscape enshrined in the Health and Social Care Act, which prompted our decision to refresh our strategy.

We still aspire to work together to deliver outstanding care. But there has been a transformation in the way we develop and deliver that care, and it’s happening on a scale and at a speed not seen before in the NHS.

It is vital that as we tackle the complexities and pace of this healthcare revolution, we do not lose sight of the individual needs of our patients. Our Improving Together Strategy ensures that they remain at the heart of everything we do.

Clinical Services Strategy

Our Clinical Services Strategy commits us to delivering outstanding, flexible and inclusive care in partnership with a range of health and social care agencies.

The strategy which is the result of lengthy engagement and input from key stakeholders including staff and patients, comes at a time of huge change, learning and transformation within the NHS.

The strategy will help the Trust’s planning and investment decisions over the next decade and aims to:

- meet the evolving needs of the diverse communities we serve, many of whom have complex physical and mental healthcare needs

- continue developing integrated care with our local partners

- help tackle health inequalities and access

- focus on health prevention

Through the strategy, the Trust commits to using digital solutions to enable patients to access care in the right place, at the right time. We also recognise the need to create a highly skilled, multidisciplinary workforce and to maximise the opportunities created by working in partnership with neighbouring health and social care organisations.  

Further commitments include astute stewardship of resources, and continuous monitoring of trends to identify population health needs and opportunities early.

The Strategy will be robust and flexible enough to accommodate future challenges as and when the need arises, so we will continue to engage with key stakeholders and communities to ensure this strategy remains meaningful and relevant.

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