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Services we offer

Clinical services provided

For a detailed listing of clinical services provided by the Trust visit our services directory.

Non-clinical services

Portering services

The portering service operates on a 24-hour basis and provide a range of services including:

  • Patient movements around the hospital
  • Collection of clinical and domestic waste
  • Movement of deceased patients
  • Changing of oxygen cylinders
  • Delivery of stores to wards and departments
  • Movement of post around the hospital
  • Delivery and removal of clean and dirty linen around the hospital
  • Assist with furniture removals
  • Supporting the attendance to suspected fire incidents

Security services

Our professional security services help ensure the continued safety of patients, staff and visitors 24 hours a day.

Despite this high level of support all occupants are encouraged to be vigilant at all times and to consider their responsibility to others at all times.

The Trust operates a system of ‘agreement for responsible behaviours, which may be applied in situations where patients or their visitors’ behaviours may be causing a concern to others.

Security Control room staff undertake various duties, including monitoring fire panels, intruder alarm panels, and CCTV (governed by the CCTV code of practice and the RIPA Act).

The control room is linked to all security guards via radio and can dispatch officers to areas that need urgent assistance or where a breach of security has occurred. 

Engineering services

The Estates Department is responsible for the following services;

  • Engineering Services
  • Building Services
  • Fire Safety
  • Energy and Environmental Management
  • Water Hygiene
  • Grounds and Gardens
  • Reactive building repairs


The Switchboard deals with approximately 8,000 to 10,000 calls per day and 170 on-call staff.

Bedside communications

The NHS Plan states that all patients should have a personal television and telephone by their bedside which is operated by Hospedia.

Catering Service

The Trust is proud of its patients dining service and the feedback received from independent patient surveys demonstrates a high level of patient satisfaction.

The team aims to satisfy various cultural and religious requirements within its menu, but is pleased to receive special dietary requests at any time.

Services for which the authority is entitled to recover a fee together with those fees

Details of non-clinical services which the Trust's is entitled to recover a fee can be found via the services directory

Patient information leaflets and other booklets and newsletters

For detailed patient information leaflets available see wards and departments, and for other sources of information see patient and visitors section of this website.


For more information see Patient Advice and Liaison Service.

Corporate communications and media releases

The Trust's communications team plays a major role in promoting the Trust's achievements, innovations and improvements.

As a public organisation the Trust has a responsibility to project an accurate image and keep the local population informed of any key decisions taken in the public interest.

The communications team promotes a positive image through press releases, news bulletins, magazine features, television and radio broadcasts, a comprehensive media advice service, newsletters, posters and the Trust website

For details of latest press releases and news stories concerning the Trust see the news section of the website.

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