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Tell Us Your Views

Help us to improve services by filling in a short online survey about your stay or visit in hospital.

The survey is electronic and your answers will be treated anonymously so you can be totally honest without worrying that your care will be compromised.

The questions will refer to the ward or department you visit and will cover cleanliness, food and communication by the staff.

What happens to my answers?

The answers are sent off electronically and the Trust is marked against each question. As this information will be sent off every day, the staff will be able to see whether things are improving, staying the same or getting worse and the Trust will be able to put actions in place to make changes accordingly.

Where are the surveys being done?

The surveys cover wards, clinics, maternity services and the emergency department but we hope this way of gathering patient experience will be popular and eventually patients, relatives and carers will be able to give electronic feedback on all departments in the Trust.

How do I take part?

If you are a patient on a ward volunteers will visit you with a hand held electronic feedback pad, or you can complete the surveys online. Simply select the ward, department or service you want to give feedback on and answer the questions. You will also have the opportunity to add in some of your own feedback.

Do I need to be a computer expert to fill in the surveys?

Not at all. The volunteers on the wards can guide you through the process and if you are doing the survey online you will be guided to the relevant ward or department where you will see the questions and a choice of answers. It is all anonymous so you will not have to give your name or address at any time.

If you would like any of the surveys in a paper version, large print or another language, please contact the Patient Relations Team by email or call 0118 322 8338

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