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Call 4 Concern© About Your Child

Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Condition?

Patient Safety is a high priority in the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, especially with regards to children whose health is getting worse.

Call 4 Concern© (C4C) is a patient safety service run by the Critical Care Outreach Team.

C4C enables families to call for immediate help and advice if they feel that the health care team has not recognised their loved one’s changing condition.

When To Use Call 4 Concern©

Contact Call 4 Concern© directly if:

  • a noticeable change in your child occurs, and you feel that the health care team is not recognising your concern
  • you feel there is confusion over what needs to be done for your child and you need clear information about what is happening
  • you have ongoing concerns after you have spoken to the ward nurse or doctor

Using Call 4 Concern© will not negatively affect your child’s care in any way. We recognise that sometimes parents can see that something is wrong before the health care team does. No one knows your child’s health better than you their parents or carers.  

How To Contact Call 4 Concern©

The Call 4 Concern© Team are available 24 hours a day to help support health care teams who are caring for acutely ill patients.

Call C4C only after you have spoken to either the nurse in charge of the Paediatric Emergency Department (Tel: 0118 322 3995), or the Paediatric Co-ordinator and / or the ward doctor.

Call us directly on: 0777 475 1352

Responding To Your Call

When the Call 4 Concern© Team receive your call, they will need to know your child’s name and the ward they are on, as well as a brief description of the problem.

After prioritising the urgency of the problem, the team will visit you on the ward to discuss your concerns, assess the situation and instigate treatment or further review if necessary.

The C4C team will liaise with the Paediatric Co-ordinator, medical team and other healthcare professionals as needed, to discuss further treatment options.

Sometimes, we are unable to take your call immediately, but please leave a message providing the same information as above, and a contact number. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Further Information

More information about patient safety can be found at:

When Not To Use Call 4 Concern©

C4C is a patient safety service. To report problems regarding your child’s hospital bed, room, food, parking or any other general issues, please speak to your child’s nurse or the ward manager.

You can also contact the matron to discuss any issues further.

Alternative Ways To Raise A Concern Or Give Feedback

Patient Advice & Liaison Service

Our Patient Advice and Liaison Service – PALS – can liaise with staff and managers to sort out issues quickly. They provide patients, relatives and carers using with ‘on the spot’ help, support and information about our services and any concerns.

PALS is open Monday to Friday between 09:00 – 16:00 hrs.

Giving Feedback

Every patient visiting our hospital wards, emergency departments, maternity services, outpatients and day case departments is able to give feedback on the quality of the care they have received.

The feedback also provides us with a better understanding of the needs of our patients and visitors and enables us to continually improve the care we give.

Ways To Give feedback

You can:



Critical Care Outreach Service, September 2021 | Next review due: September 2023

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