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Quality management

We have an experienced, dedicated core R&D team to support and advise industry personnel in meeting the requirements of local and UK wide regulatory frameworks, as well as funding and costing studies and contract negotiation, with experienced research teams that haveproven records of excellence to meet expectations once the study is opened. Our Trust Consultants are engaged in a wide variety of research activities which mirror the clinical service offered by the Trust. Many of them are recognised as Research Leads for their efforts in establishing an excellent research portfolio.  Our healthcare professionals have experience in delivering both industry-led and investigator-led research protocols. To assist industry partners in identifying investigators at the Trust, we have dedicated consultants who initiate, support and drive research in various departments. All researchers at the Trust have the support of the core R&D team, with a range of courses available to support professional development. These courses includeNIHR Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Consent training, and PI workshop training.

 Informed patients and workforce

We are one of the largest district general hospitals (DGH) in England and our local community is one of the many diverse and multicultural populations in the UK. The Trust proactively promotes its research activities to patients and the public, to support patients and their doctors considering involvement in relevant research studies. This also enables our staff to direct our patients to appropriate research engagement and involvement opportunities.

 High level commitment and performance oversight

We have been committed to conducting pioneering research for more than 20 years at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. The Trust is committed to the consistent achievement of NIHR timelines for study set-up. We support the use of nationally approved standard agreements to accelerate the contracting processes for industry studies. Where there is no nationally approved standard agreement available, the team can provide an appropriate template agreement for review. The R&D core team have extensive experience in contracting, and also have access to in-house advisors to assist in the resolution of any contracting issues. The team is also responsible for collating and negotiating study costs and will liaise with all service departments on the behalf of our industry partners, providing central management of the authorisation process.  Through a local collaboration (with Berkshire Healthcare NHS FT and University of Reading) we are one of the stakeholders for the Thames Valley Clinical Trials Unit which can aid you in protocol development through to trial dissemination.

All industry sponsored research studies are subject to performance management, with the core team in regular contact with the research teams and industry teams to review recruitment performance and implement contingency plans, if required.

 We always welcome discussions for potential studies opening at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. Please get in touch using the details above.

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