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Rushey Midwife led Unit

A delivery suite on Rushey ward

Rushey is a labour assessment unit and birth centre run by a team of dedicated midwives. 

When you think you are in labour, you are welcome to speak with the triage midwife on 0118 3227304, she will be able to help you.  If you are ready to come into hospital, the triage midwife will advise you on where to go for your labour check up.  Depending on your personal needs, you may meet with her on the labour assessment unit.

The birth centre has 4 rooms which have been designed for your comfort and relaxation in labour.  All these rooms are themed as one of the four seasons.   

A first time mother who had her baby in a similar type of unit wrote: “I would highly recommend a midwife led unit to any woman, especially in their first pregnancy. I found the set up very calm and relaxing”.

New mother on Rushey ward

For women who are healthy and do not anticipate any complications, current research suggests that it is as safe to give birth in a midwife led birth centre like Rushey as in a main labour ward. 

Team details:

Matron: Jean Sangha

Consultant Midwife: Annette Weavers

Ward Manager: Alison Duffield

Women staying on our unit are invited to be accompanied by 2 birthing partners 24 hours a day. When you have had your baby, you can choose to go straight home from Rushey birth centre.

If you are staying overnight with us, you and your baby will be transferred to one of the postnatal wards for your stay.

Mobile phones allowed: Yes. Outside ward only.

Wheelchair access: Wheel chair access and drop off area outside maternity unit.

Patient Guide – what to bring / how to prepare:

  •  Comfortable clothing for use in labour
  •  CDs/ipods for your music, DVD of your favourite film
  •  Refreshments for labour
  •  Toiletries and a towel
  •  Small bag with essential baby equipment

Note: Please use small bags as storage space is very limited.

Any other information:
There is a kitchen for making drinks and cold water fountains, available 24 hours.  Vending machines are by the lifts on level 2. Women may bring in their own food but light snacks may be available.  

Related Department:
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Nearest Refreshment Point:

  • Convenience store (Main Entrance Block)
  • Coffee bar (Main Entrance Block)
  • Restaurant on Level 1 (South Block)
  • League of Friends shop and tea bar (Maternity Block)

How to get there
Parking is available on the maternity unit ramp in Craven Road for up to 30 minutes or in the multi storey car park. From multi-storey car park either walk along Craven Road to Maternity Unit or exit car park on Level 2 and follow signs to Maternity Unit. Take lift or stairs in Maternity Unit to Level 6 (top floor).


Useful Contacts

Triage Midwife
0118 3227304
(only call if you think you are in labour)