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Fertility Clinic

What your GP can do

To help you get pregnant we need to know what is wrong. Your GP can arrange some basic fertility tests and give general advice.

We need to check that:

  • your hormones are working with a blood test at the beginning of your cycle (Days 2-5 FSH, LH, Prolactin, testosterone & thyroid function tests). 
  • you are releasing eggs (ovulating). If you have a regular cycle it is likely you are, and we can double check this with a blood test (progesterone level) about a week before your next period. 
  • you are immune to rubella (German measles). If you catch rubella when you are pregnant it could harm your baby. If you are not immune, you can get vaccinated with your GP.
  • you have had a negative Chlamydia screen. Chlamydia isn't a common infection but can damage your tubes without you knowing you have it. It can be checked with either a swab from the neck of the womb or a blood test.
  • the sperm count is normal. If an abnormal count is found, we need to repeat this again at a later date.



Useful Contacts

Fertility Clinic
Royal Berkshire Hospital Foundation Trust
London Road
Reading RG1 5AN

Tel: 0118 322 8785

Nurse Advice Line
Tel: 0118 322 7286