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Oral and Max clinics


You can be referred to our services by your practitioner.Once referred, clinics are bookable via choose and book.

Alternatively bookings can be made via the RBH Booking Centre: Telephone 0845 900 7000, Fax 0118 322 8208.


Clinics and Surgery at the RBH

ClinicHow oftenConsultants
Oral & Maxillo
Facial Surgery and cancer clinics
Some clinics are held weekly
others twice weekly

S. Bond
M. Patel
P. Anand
N. McLeod
E. Woods
S Prabhu

Clinics at West Berkshire

West Berkshire Community Hospital, Thatcham
Clinic hours:9:00am – 13:00pm, 13.30 - 17:00pm

ClinicHow oftenConsultants
Oral Surgery
Head, Neck
Skin & Oral Mucosal
Twice Weekly H. Shah
E. Woods

Useful Contacts

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics

South Block
Royal Berkshire NHS
Foundation Trust
London Road

Tel: 0118 322 8978

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