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As part of the Thames Valley Comprehensive Local Research Network, the Royal Berkshire's R&D Office is part of a network for those involved in planning and managing research in Health and Social Care in the Thames Valley.

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The aim is to improve the environment for research by facilitating and encouraging sharing of best practice, and working with other organisations to increase recruitment into research studies.

The Research and Development Office was established to promote, co-ordinate and support R&D within the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust (RBFT). Its remit encompasses the Health and Social Care research needs across all sectors of the RBFT.  R&D exists to advise, assist and support all individuals across the Trust who wishes to initiate or conduct any type of research on Trust premises or with Trust patients, staff or their data.

All projects with implications for the RBFT must be submitted to the R&D Office for review.  This includes projects:

  • involving the participation of Trust employees
  • involving the use of Trust facilities
  • involving patients under the care of the Trust
  • involving use of Trust resources.

The functions of the R&D Office are to:

  • assess the quality of the study and to ensure all research is well governed and managed
  • ensure that adequate information has been obtained for registration of the project on the R&D database and, where appropriate, on the Comprehensive Local Research Network Portfolio
  • register, administer and monitor all R&D project activity
  • ensure that the project has received a final favourable opinion from a Research Ethics Committee
  • facilitate compliance with all statutory requirements and ensure best practice is adhered to
  • ensure that the financial and resource implications of the project are understood
  • bid and manage R&D infrastructure funding
  • ensure that the project has the support and approval of the management of the relevant clinical directorates and support departments; ensure that any formal agreements or contracts with external bodies have been finalised
  • decide, in the case of 'own account/Investigator led' projects (i.e. those with no external funding), whether the Trust will take on the role of sponsor of the project (as defined in the Research Governance Framework)
  • facilitate appropriate agreements with funders both commercial and non commercial
  • ensure that any formal agreements or contracts with external bodies have been finalised
  • ensure that all researchers have substantive or honorary contracts with the Trust
  • acting as a liaison between academic and other tertiary institutions.

Staff Details:

Leslie Frederick R&D Manager
Edith Hawkins R&D Co-ordinator
Carys Jones Clinical Trials Implementation Manager

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