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As part of the Thames Valley and South Midlands (TVSM) Clinical Research Network (CRN), the Royal Berkshire's R&D Office is part of a network for those involved in planning and managing research in Health and Social Care in the Thames Valley.

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A Research and Development Executive Committee oversees the work of the R&D team and is active in promoting a research culture and community at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. The committee includes members of the R&D core team as well as other key executive members of the Trust, lead research clinicians and members of the Thames Valley Clinical Trials Unit (TVCTU) which is an exiting new collaboration between the University of Reading, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust and Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

The Research and Development Office was established to promote, co-ordinate and support Research and Development within Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust from both internal and external sources. By establishing ourselves as a leading factor in patient healthcare in the Trust we are able to advise, assist and support all individuals who wish to initiate or conduct any type of research on Trust premises or with Trust patients, staff or their data. Its remit encompasses the Health and Social Care research needs across all sectors of the Trust.  


R&D Core Leadership Team:

Dr. Lindsey Barker Medical Director 0118 322 7445
Dr. Atul Kapila Research and Development Director 0118 322 8140
Dr. Ben Thompson Interim Executive Director - Thames Valley CTU 0118 322 8140
Leslie Mokogwu Research and Development Manager 0118 322 7449
Carys Jones Research and Development Implementation Manager 0118 322 8366
Norma Shields Clinical Trials Lead Pharmacist 0118 322 6996
Edith Hawkins Clinical Research Facilitator 0118 322 8140
Jessica McKean Clinical Research Facilitator 0118 322 8693
Jo Jones Clinical Research Facilitator 0118 322 8223


Performance in Initiating and Delivering Clinical Research 

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