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Accessing patient information

Pathology and Radiology 

All new Pathology and Radiology results are now only available in ICE. We are no longer sending new results to WebPath but it is still available as an archive for historic results.

Technical Support

The support for ICE / Electronic Test Requests and Electronic Letters has moved to the RBFT  IT Support Team. The change affects: 

  • ICE Issues
  • Requesting new ICE Accounts
  • Requesting new Pathology Results Mailboxes
  • Electronic Letter queries

All related queries now need to be directed through the Royal Berkshire Hospital IT Helpdesk: 

 IT Helpdesk Contact Number:  0845 601 6302

 IT Helpdesk E-mail Addressrbfthelpdesk@csc.com

Discharge letters

As part of the Trust's GP Connect programme we have changed the way in which our discharge letter is made available to GP practices. GPs no longer require access to our Gateway service to download and view discharge letters. Rather, discharge letters are now sent directly to GP practices and are received via DocMan or directly in the GP system. In addition to discharge letters we also distribute outpatient letters and RIS reports. The following correspondences are automatically sent to GP practices:

  • Inpatient Discharge Letter
  • Emergency Discharge Letter
  • Cardiology Outpatient Letter
  • Rheumatology Outpatient Letter
  • Radiology Report

   28 March 2017 - duplicate letters update

We are working with our ICE suppliers (Sunquest) to remove duplicates letters that have been generated in error. We are very sorry for the inconvenience to any GPs who have been affected recently and we are working hard to resolve the problem ASAP. 



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